Holding Hangers

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have hangers, so why use Holding Hangers?

Holding Hangers are valuable for so many reasons:

- They’ll save you money on professional cleaning and pressing, because they’re designed to allow your garments to hang freely. Unlike clamp hangers, or traditional triangular hangers which require you to fold your bottoms over, the Holding Hanger holds your garments gently without creasing or denting them.

- They’ll save you valuable time. You can wear your clothes right off the closet rail, without any steaming or ironing.

- They’ll save you lots of closet space. You can hang 20 garments on 12 inches of closet rail—approximately half the space taken up by ordinary hangers.  And because of the Holding Hanger’s streamlined design, you gain about four extra inches vertically, leaving more floor space in your closet.

- They’re perfect for drip-drying your garments. One Holding Hanger costs less than dry cleaning one garment.  Think of the money you’ll save!  For this reason, they’re perfect for travel, too.

- The Holding Hanger is the last hanger you’ll ever need to own. The Swedish-engineered Holding Hanger is designed to last for decades!

Why do you say “It’s the SQUEAK that makes it UNIQUE”?

Is the Holding Hanger hard to use?

Will Holding Hangers stretch out my clothes?