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About C. Lee Cawley

C. Lee Cawley – Entrepreneur and Founder of Holding Hangers

My entire career has been focused on the care and storage of fine clothing. I’m uniquely qualified to bring this product to the American home. I know how much of a difference the best hanger can make, and the Holding Hanger is clearly the best hanger for your bottoms.

Formerly a costume designer in Manhattan for the Joffrey and Juilliard Ballets, I moved on to become a high-end boutique manager in Europe. For the last 15 years, I have successfully run my own business as an award-winning Certified Professional Organizer. Not a day has gone by in the past three decades that I haven’t been bringing order to people’s clothing and closets.

I’ve long wished for my American clients to have this European innovation in their closets. It became my quest to bring it to them. When I finally did, they raved about the hanger and wondered why it wasn’t more generally available. Now, it is!