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How Does It Work?

Holding Hangers™ use gentle tension to hold your bottoms from INSIDE the waistband. Engineered in Sweden and manufactured in Europe, they are guaranteed not to stretch out your clothes. Just SET, SQUEEZE & RELEASE!

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Holding Hangers™ (Package of 5)
Holding Hangers™ (Package of 5) Holding Hangers™ (Package of 5) Holding Hangers™ (Package of 5)

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Save TIME, SPACE & MONEY using the unique Holding Hangers™, now available in America!


I’m so happy I discovered these hangers! As a personal stylist to private clients and my family, these hangers have made my time in closets much much easier!

– Patty

I LOVE my Holding Hangers! No more clips that don't always hold the garment, or hold it so tightly it leaves marks. No more clips and hooks that get caught on each other or on other hangers. You should try them!

– Patricia

I discovered these hangers just in time! I needed additional hangers for my slacks, and hate the standard type with the clips -- they take up too much room and get tangled with each other. The holding hangers are wonderful -- they take up less room in my closet, and it's easy to see the length of each so I can find at a glance which ones to wear with heels and which to wear with flats!

– Susan

I have so many skirts, and I have run out of space in my closet because my ordinary hangers are so bulky with the press clips. I have saved so much space in my closet as a result of the Holding Hangers. They are fabulous! And they don't stretch out my skirts. These are a must-have!

– Kim

I LOVE these hangers! Especially for my jeans which are heavy and thick for traditional hangers. It's a breeze to attach and then stays nicely. Also love these hangers for my shirts and dresses. Highly recommend!

– Mindy

Excellent pant hangers. I love how little space they use in my closet. I bought an extra set to give to a client. I know she’ll be equally thrilled. Thanks C. Lee!

– Terri

Holding Hangers™ Features

The Last Hanger You'll Ever Need To Own

Engineered in Sweden, manufactured in Europe, and finally available in America!

Perfect For Elasticated Waistbands

Holding Hangers™ use gentle tension to hold your bottoms from inside the waistband. They won’t stretch out your clothes!

No More Fumbling With Clamps & Clips

Say goodbye to the annoying dents and marks left by clamps and clips, and say hello to smooth, wrinkle-free, ready-to-wear bottoms.


No more steaming and ironing, with the Holding Hangers™ you can wear your clothes right off the rail.


The sleek and streamlined Swedish design gives you twice as much room on the rail.


Holding Hangers™ are reliable and durable—they are a one time purchase that last for decades!

Flexible Sizing

Don’t worry if your size changes, each style spans a wide range of sizes.

Perfect For Drip Drying

Holding Hangers™ are perfect for drip-drying. One Holding Hanger costs less than one garment dry-cleaned.

One-Handed Operation

It is easy to get clothes on and off, no super human strength or dexterity is needed.

It's The SQUEAK That Makes It Unique!

Swedish engineering incorporates robust springs to ensure the product’s flexibility and durability.

If It Doesn't Have A Shoulder, Put It In The HOLDER!™

Holding Hangers™ are ideal for off-the-shoulder tops, strapless dresses, and gowns. They hang perfectly!

We Give Back To The Community

We proudly support the global charity Dress for Success®, empowering women around the world.

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